December 31, 2014

Less than two hours left

I will start new year in flu.
It has been coming a while,
and turned bad in afternoon,
so I left earlier from work

- just to get some sleep.
and get headache down.

So no big party tonight.
I didn't get table ready,
when little boys already came over.
Towns next to us are kind enough
to offer firework display for children.
One at 7 p.m and the other 8 p.m.
So we drove with boys to see them both.
 It was nicer than many other years,
because weather was fine:
no wind, no rain, no deep frost.
It is always very festive to join fireworks at Järvenpää,
when there is played in background Finlandia.
Have to believe,
that all the evil spirits are scared away.

1 comment :

  1. New year night is the best time to spend with family and these moments are long lasting,. all the images you shared are great reminded me on my family time back then..