February 26, 2014

Singer Knitting Machine

I have been dreaming about knitting machine for years.
Actually few decades.

So this one will be very suitable for me:

Maybe as old as my dream has been.
But looks still good:

There were few parts with it:

But no manual.
And I have no idea, how to use it.
But I will google.
Any guide will be more than welcome!

February 25, 2014

On the couch

These are things I see on right, 
when I am sitting on the couch:

Lamp used to be in guest room.
My little black cat I have brought from Tallinn few years ago.

And some new eggs.
Yes, new!

Behind me there is dining table:

Centerpiece is simple:

A plate. Vase in the middle of it. 
Few fake tulips.
Pieces of glass.

In the back corner willow cone has got some daisies on it:

Need to turn around to see them:

Front of me there is almost blank wall.
It needs something.
Perhaps this?

February 24, 2014

Green, green, more green!

Snow has gone. 
It is wet and dark outside again.
I have been messing around the house and brought out almost every green item I have.
I took down curtains in living room and hang one pair in bedroom:

Whole lot better over there.
Plant is bought in late  80's...

On the night desk there is also some waterlilies:

Curtains form bedroom was hanged into so called guest room:

Green wreath is waiting for some other time and use:

And because the guests are usually our grandchildren,
toys are over there, too:

Some day I will find decent place for legos, brios and cars!

In the mean time...
I am just happy,
that "library" reminds itself:

February 20, 2014

Spring wreath

Just guess, 
who was still having this on the door:

In the middle of February.

So I had to do something.
I hadn't much in the house.
A few plastic roses from years back.
A plastic green plant.
Some ribbon.
A piece of fabric.
Much, much better:

February 19, 2014

A bit of green in hallway

Hallway sounds quite a big word for a place we enter in...
but anyway, it is easy to bring some green over there, too.

An old table runner:

A bit rusty table cloth weight to keep it straight:

Some old decorations for birds:

I couldn't put them away - not yet.

I would put green carpet on the floor if I'd only had one,..
And I'd love to have this instead the ones we are having now...
HEMNES Lipasto, 8 laatikkoa Leveys: 160 cm Syvyys: 50 cm laatikon syvyys: 43 cm

February 18, 2014

Some green into bathroom

I started to bring green in where it is most easy: bathroom.

It really doesn't take much.


And something nice:

The frog I have brought from Estonia in 90s'.

On the left there is almost summer:

February 17, 2014

Decoration things...

I am tired to winter.
Actually I am sick of it.

Even though it has't been very cold or snowy this year.
But it has been dark for so long.

Yesterday morning I heard a woodpecker knocking.
Could it be spring?

I am also tired to the look we are having over here.
Need some change. 

So I went over cupboards, where I keep my decoration things.
Or should I say tats?

It really looked alike tats, when I opened the doors:

And the other one didn't look much better:

To find something I have had to get almost everything out.
It wasn't working.
At all.
So once again I pulled it all out from the smaller one:

And most of the bigger one:

How in earth all those would get organized?
I decided to try colors.
Blue and red:

Green, gold, yellow etc:

With vases I needed to do some exceptions:

I sure hope I don't need to turn all over, 
when I'll start to bring some spring green in!
Hopefully already during next week.

February 16, 2014

Girls night

Spending time with my daughters in one of the things that pleases me a lot.
Last night they appeared to spend evening.
They brought ingredients for pasta-meatball salad with them:

 - basic pasta
- meatballs
- mix of peas- corn-sweet pepper
- pickled cucumber

They also prepare salad.
Cut the meatballs and cucumbers:

Cook the pasta and vegetables.
And in the moment the salad is ready:

And so were the games:

Three rounds with all.
Laughing and talking.
Until the small hours.
Love it 
- even though I use to have headache in the morning 
because of too less sleeping.

February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's day!

There is an old game we used to play, when we were still girls:
how you are matching with your Mr X.

It is simple: first you write your name
Jane Doe
John Doe.

After that counting how many  letters are matching with word LOVES you'll get percent for love.
Ilta-Sanomat made it easier and put onto their webpages a counter,
where you only put your and your loved one's name, and after pushing "count",
you'll get an answer.

Of course it had to be tested.
Actually most my co-workers did it, too :D
My hubby and I made 66 %.
I would say it is quite nice after 34 years.

Hubby said:
Maybe percent just swoon, and it really is 99%!


February 12, 2014

Some pink

I have been laughing to my elder daughter:
she has been so thrilled to be an aunt of princess.

She has bought little pink clothes, 
dresses and even tiny little uggs:

I haven't. 

Until now.
Just a little...

But aren't  these sooo cute?

Ok, as reasonable grandma I also bought diapers:

And promised to sew some dresses for summer...just few.

February 11, 2014

I do?

"Hi, delighted to see you!"
"Would you like to do some laundry?"
"Eeeh, would I..."
"Thanks! See you!"
I do????

It seems I do...

February 9, 2014

Small walnut tarts

Last week it was Runeberg day. 
It is told, that he was fan of tarts his wife made using breadcrumbs.
I made tarts basing vaguely to recipe of Runeberg tarts. 
Probably because I had walnuts. 
And those have to get used.
First I crashed 1 dl walnuts:

Then I mixed them into bowl with
1 dl  powdered breadcrumbs
1 dl flour
1 ts vanilla and
1 ts baking powder.

In the other bowl I mixed and froth
1 dl melted margarin
1 dl sugar and
1 egg

All dry ingredients was mixed to grease-sugar-egg mix 
and that's it.
Ready for oven:

After baking 20 mins in 200 C they were ready:

I almost forgot moisten them!
1 dl juice made them damp enough.
Then, on the top some apricot jam and icing
(1 tbs lemon juice and
3 tbs powdered sugar)
- and walnut, of course - 
and sweet bomb is ready:

There is still plenty of walnuts, what can I do with them?

Recipes into order

On Saturday I though it would be nice to do something different for dinner.
So I took my recipes out.

What a mess:

Books, binders and shredded pieces of paper from magazines and newspapers.
Into order you go!