May 29, 2014

Weed of the week: Goutweed

My garden is full of weeds.
Some are liked, some are not.

I know, there are people, who thinks, 
that any plant growing where it shouldn't be, is weed.
I don't feel that way.

If poor flower is out from flowerbed, it just need a new home.
Or has found it from lawn, so no for cutting!
My kids are often rolling their eyes and laughing at me because of that.

But even I have some plants I cannot stand all over.

Goutweed (Aegopodium podagraria) is one.

Aegopodium podagraria
They came in my garden just few years ago.
I guess it is just because we have so hard and clayey soil all over.
And they need soft and dark.

But where they grow, they will hide under everything else.
So I weed them.
They have long roots,
and usually part of it is left in ground
- so here they are again:

I guess they have come for good.
At least they have nice white flowers
- and they will bloom even in shadow.

After weeding, when you turn your back,
they have already grown back:

There is a bright side:
goutweed is eatable.
It was chosen as wild-vegetable of the year last year.
So, if there won't be any other green to get vitamins...
However, I don't eat them.
They smells weird for me.

If you will,
be sure it is goutweed.


  1. I feel weeds are definitely a menace. But I like your thought :D

  2. I think some weeds are pretty - but they can be quite invasive.... and then they are not quite so welcome....

    1. Actually I think most weeds are pretty, too, but goatweed bury everything under...even though has beautiful white flowers later in summer.

  3. I do not like weeds. Good thing I don't have to deal with gardens or weeds would drive me crazy!

    1. I think I am bit weird - I like weeding :-D

  4. Goats! You need to get some goats! ;)

    1. Hahhaa! I'd love to see my neighbors faces goats wandering around LOL!