May 25, 2014

Home, sweet home...

I am so glad we don't have a summer cottage.
Sitting in the car hour after hour just isn't for me.
View during drive home was alike they were during the way to Kuopio.
Trees and rocks:

Pull-in stops by small lakes:

Buying a cottage comes on discussion during driving to race tracks.
Even I use to long for water during spring.
We have in Halkis everything else
but own shoreline.
Big ditch behind berry orchard cannot count,
even though it starts from a spring.

I agree scenery like this is just beautiful:

Or this:

 But every time we come to same result:
no matter the view could be wonderful,
we really don't need an other place to take care.

Halkis and camping in race tracks is enough for now:

At home clematis has started blooming:

And apple trees:

I guess we can safely expect there will be some apples in fall.

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