March 31, 2014

It is a project...or maybe not....

I used some paint over few little things, too.

I had no glue, would I use them -or when.

However, I bought one inside:

And it stayed in hallway waiting:

And wait. 
I wasn't sure.
So it was waiting.

It would be a huge project.
I would need a nail.
And a hammer.

But finally:

Now I don't know,
why it is in there.
Just because I wanted so?

March 29, 2014

A little visitor

Grandma had a little visitor today.

Growing so fast.

In garden some are growing fast, too.

Hepatica in the morning:

and in the early evening:

It is still March.
Usually they are blooming in May.

March 28, 2014

Tupperware -a headache...

My Tupperware is nowadays my headache.

Not that I feel them useless,
but they are annoying me, 
'cause they are all the time in mess.

And during this hectic week I have got enough other things taking my energy.

After reading Hilda's tips from
I decided I have to be rude.

And I did - as rude as I could:

There is a bit more room:

I hope it is enough.

March 27, 2014

Table and chairs are done!

and then it was time to do something with table.

First I thought to paint just pedestals 
- and use table clothes:

And as I had paint and brush,
I painted few little things, too.

As staring a while bright yellow table top,
I decided it would be turn it white, too:

It is strange how much it is annoying me,
when I have to wait furniture paint drying,
when it doesn't bother me at all when I am using my oil paints?

But finally -
they are in the kitchen:

I think I'll bring here the carpet 
my grandma has weaved.

March 26, 2014

Parsnips, perhaps?

My mother used milk cartons seedling carrots.

They are very practical: 
you have them on hand easily 
and they have enough height and the best 
- as they are made to keep liquid inside, 
they don't make mess in action.

I haven't never tried to pre-grow carrots, 
but now I decided to do it. 
Or maybe I could keep them in whole summer, 
so arbustorum won't eat them?

So I washed few milk cartons.
And cut the tops open.
Because they are not looking very nice, 
I decided to cover them with gift wrapping paper:

This is a craft I can handle:

At first I might cover that white long box, too, 
but was too lazy to do it...
Here they are, all 8 of them:

Next step was naturally sowing.
Ok, 8.
Is there any idea to grow 8 carrots?
So I took parsnips seeds instead:

On the bottom I put first some gravel and then soil.
And up there one seed in each carton:

I know it is always said 
"put two and then take weaker away" 
- but I have a huge problem to winkle anything growing...

And by the window of living-room they hopeful will grow:

Last summer the only growing one was in front yard...
the wild one.

March 25, 2014

Good bye, dryer!

I had to say good bye to my old dryer.
Even though my hubby tried to save it once again.
Cleaning before opening with a crochet hook:

Every tiny corner:

The problem wasn't band as last time,
it was the motor.
Dryer is so old, there is no idea to repair it anymore - 
so there is empty space:

At least for a while.

March 24, 2014

Spring is over here!

Even though it has been snowing 
and raining 
and being stormy, 
the first spring flowers are blooming.
Galanthus nivalis
And next ones are coming:

Easter-grass is growing fast:

dead before Ester?
Beans are popping-up:

Not to mention cress:

Lepidium sativum

Hello, Spring. Welcome!

March 23, 2014

Clothes lines

I love to dry clothes outside.
I do dry linen out through the year,
but others only during summer.

Old clothes lines had broken and needed to change.

Just in time, I'd say, 
'cause my dryer broke just few hours after!

As I am short, hubby has made me "a system":
I can take lines down and raise them up, 
so I don't need to make log arms 
-and my linen don't lie on ground.

On the right side lines are simply tied:

But on the left they are just threaded through:

and they come down:

To get lines up 
I just pull and make a tie over the fence to the height I want - 
and when I open tie,
the weight of clothes brings lines back down!

Fresh laundry without aching arms.

March 22, 2014

Cleaning terrace- step 3

After snowstorm and rain it was wonderful weather today.
I finished cleaning terrace.

On the right side this corner was waiting for it's turn:

Wind had blown some things down.

As anyone can see, the drawer isn't in very good shape.
It was bought, when I was 15 and is in kind of terminal care:
it has gone through all our children and is still standing -
even though no-one would use it inside anymore.

But all those memories...
So it will stay until it will totally decompose...

If it isn't in shape outside, 
the inside isn't much better:

How much you can be put in to one drawer?

Fe. broken christmas lights, old ampels, paperbags, knife sharpener...
Oh, dear!
Half of it was just garbage...

Even though the next was was a bit better shape,
it took over an hour to get all three in order.

And it looks whole lot better, when it is washed:

Other side of terrace was much easier 
- it just needed to "spread out" and wash:

Afterwards I was sitting in chair, 
having Moccachino 
and staring the blue sky:

- and wondering if Hubby would be keen on some painting...

March 21, 2014

A little bit of painting

I need a bigger table to cottage study.
The one in there is so small 
that knitting machine doesn't fit on it.
(BTW;  I still haven't learn to use it, 
it freezes at row 5 and I don't know, why)

So I decided make fair trade-off:
I will bring table and two chairs to kitchen 
and carry out old kitchen table over there.

There is one thing.
Table is bright yellow.
I guess the paint is straight from 70s'.
And chairs have spent time out, 
so they are quite bad shape.
Paint will help for that, doesn't it?

As I took a paintbrush in to my cute, little hand, 
I painted lamp stand as well.
The one I have already changed shade.

Table is still waiting,
but lamp is now on my night stand:

Does it look a bit alone?

No, I guess the problem is, that we aren't having headboard.

The cube moved into wicker cone 
- just waiting for it's place:

March 20, 2014

Vernal Equinox

This year we are not celebrating vernal equinox with dinner.
Just because we are going to baby-sit in the evening.
However, we will eat cinnamon buns:

I just love it, how easy it is nowadays - 
you just pick a frozen, pre-baked buns from grocery store 
and in 15 mins there are traditional buns ready.

Happy vernal equinox -
 weather cast promised it will be snow storm in the night.

March 19, 2014

More cupboards to organize...

I have two other small cupboards 
for all dry things opposite to stove.
Under narrow counter.
I have changed order in these several times during last year -
and situation has gone worst.
A mess:

And more mess:

So I went back close to the old system I had.
Ok, it wasn't system, 
but it worked better:

Up there is sugar, with one extra bag, then syrup and yeast, salt and soda.
In the middle dried and canned food.
And down extra sugar, pastas and special as powered milk.

In the smaller one there are up crispbreads:

Then comes cereals, muesli and some baking supplies.
And down nowadays rarely used cake supplies.

And I made labels.
As I didn't have sticker paper,
I just printed them on normal paper
- and added with contact plastic:

Slow work and it is still going on.
And I can image they are gone in first wash.
But then I can make new ones ;-)

March 18, 2014

Oatmeal, rice and others: in order, please!

Between stove and fridge lies my cupboard for porridge flakes and spices.
Needed to clean.
And organize.

I am quite short - ok, really short - 
so I can easily reach only first two selves.
Even though our cupboards are lower than normal ones.
That we carried out in our kitchen renovation.

So I took ladders and started to empty things out.
A one self at the time:

At the highest self I use to keep extra packages.
Some are hide behind.

I checked dates and wiped shelves.
And put things back.
Cupboard is so small, there cannot hide many forgotten things.
However, I had mustard seeds, 
but cannot remember why - I never make mustard by myself.
So good bye for them.

I'll need new labels.
And there was a lot of barley flakes, 
so I guess, we will have some porridge during next weeks.