July 16, 2015

American Beauty Car Show - Cars

Point of visiting a car show is naturally look and admire cars.
We did.
Hours and hours.
In show area and in town.

No matter where you turned,
there was always an American car.
Over the Bishop's Castle yard
and around the town.
Like Doc Hudson:

Or - surprise - this:

 An other Valiant...
with not so ordinary motor...
or petrol tank...

 Are you ready for a race?
This one have got hurt...

This had nice details,,,

This had exhaust in different place...
But it wasn't ordinary any other ways, either.

The one with very nice paint...
I liked how painting highlighted shapes of the car.

Few sheikhs were hanging around with their Rolls Royce...

Black is always chic...
No matter, what age she is...

Don't bother to cause any trouble, sheriff is on the spot...
Muscle cars were popular...
 They were seen around the town...
and of course on the fiedls os Castle.

Some has opened hood to show the motor...
 I have no comments about this.


Details carefully thought...

Blue was a popular color...
Flags were flying...
 Some were hiding...
Hardtops shining...
greener than grass...
streamlined beautiful...
Flames are not forgotten...
They just are necessarily as bright as earlier.
Metal colors. They make more shine..

But aren't they shiny in every color?
 I might like to drive this one...
 Or should my car be pink?
Or maybe this would be the best?

White luxory...

Just guess which one was the winner?

Yep. Corvette.


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