July 30, 2015


Not me.
I have seen it in better shape, though.
Nevertheless, there is some bloomig between all the weeds
- and overgrown grass.

 Some a little suffered in the rain

I have heard that Creeping Bellflower is worst weed ever.
Well, I haven't got that problem for sure.
I have only these left.
I thought this mock-orange is already gone,
but it seems quite wealthy...

Tiny violas are poppin here and there
 And what a strange colors they have
 Parnips are blooming, too.
Cherries must be extra sour this year,
because blackbirds haven't eaten them
Should I believe,
that the heart of summer is over
- just because goldenrods are in bloom?
Sun has set last night for a moment in Nuorgam,
so nightless night is over.
 Hollyhock has not started yet.
Rose grass has.

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