April 30, 2014

Spring Party Season -not over yet

There is still party-time going on in my life.
Even though I do not spend much 1st of May -or eve of it -
it is anyway an extra day off work :-)

During the weekend there will be our first grandson's 7th birthday.
7th! How this time fly...

And next weekend:
Little Princess' first party
and Mother's day.

So come and join party-time with me!
It is simple:
Leave your link from the link below,
but, please, take care, that it is family friendly.
If you'll link up Etsy-shop or Giveaway,
it is fair to all visitors,
if they are world wide.
I hope you'll enjoy meeting old friend and make new ones!

And if you want to invite friends to join,
please, feel free to do it!
Here is a button to help:

Let's Party!

April 29, 2014

Growing -or not

A month ago I made some seeding.

Beans has grown well:

And if looks closely, can see first bean growing:

Milk cartons has worked fine - no water or stains all over.

But parsnips haven't.
Only three of eight started to grow
and I cannot call this a success:

Not enough light, I guess.
During weekend I'll seed some peas.
They'll grow everywhere.

April 28, 2014

Paper-button flowers

As I cut a lot of paper flowers for mobile,
there was a lot of surplus.

I sewed them as flowers, too:

This time three in each.

To get some vase flowers,
I pushed a barbecue stick as stalk.
And here we are,
a vase full of fresh flowers:

Wow, I haven't felt so crafty for years!

April 27, 2014

Garden pot -Sunday

I started my day with tax return.
I though it would take two hours.
It took four and there are still something to do.

Then I went to patio and sat down 
- just to find out, that a cat had thrown up on chair.
Good bye relaxing moment!

Start of a day wasn't any good,
but I had company in garden plot:

Rokkari sure knew, how to enjoy the sun:

I follow the suit and left wandering around.

East bells under apple tree:

Wood anemones in front yard:

And spring navews:

Bead lilies:

And few narcissus heading a sun:

What a joy!

Garden plot - Saturday

Last fall (or summer neither) 
 I didn't do anything in the garden plot -
and it can be seen there.
Desolated sight:

Not to mention the other part:

It has seen better days, for sure.

And I have decided it will be beautiful or
 at least not so shameful during becoming summer.

So I ordered soil and seasand.
They came tidily in bags:

I had dreamed big wooden boxes.
But unfortunately there weren't any decent boards around,
so they were out of question.

And that is what I turned to
- dig up old stones and put them back again:

Not so neat I was hoping to:

In the early evening my back was hurting 
and my feet wear screaming:

I keep remembering myself,
it is still April.

April 26, 2014

Flower mobile

During planning our little princess' first party,
I have spent a lot of time in Pinterest collecting ideas.

Her mother request pastel colors as yellow  and green.
But you cannot avoid some pink...

Once I saw this,
I knew this is something I have to do:

couldn't find the original source, sorry!

Knowing my crafting skills...well, butterflies were too much.

I settled to flowers.

I made some training.
Roudari was helping me:

And I got a great advise from my hubby during I was agonizing, 
how to keep flowers in fishing line the way they won't all be down.

"Why don't you use buttons?" he asked.

And I did:

testing buttons

And they stayed nicely:

So I cut flowers.
And more flowers.
And sat onto sofa to do sewing:

On some I used pattern scissors:

I wasn't ready at once,
but I sure feel it was worth of it:

Flower lines are now hanging on lamp and waiting for use.
Some of them are just lines,
few is tied to ring I made of two old arch support:

I put pink ribbon around it:

These will come to the tent outdoors
- we will use Motorist's pit tent,
I hope the lines are long enough to look good:

I am so proud myself
- and it takes two weeks until I can use these.
Two weeks!

April 25, 2014

Spring cleaning at grandmom's house yard

The "grandmom's house's" yard is the first-one to see,
when coming to our house.

And it uses to be the last to fix up -
just because it is not seen from the house...

Now I had to do it in time,
because I do not want guest coming to little princess' party,
see first a mess.

So I did raking.
And more raking.

my hubby was grinding with me.
Security guard, you see.

I arranged (once again!) the area of the cottage front door:

Yellow flowers would be nice in here,
don't they?
Tagates patulas, maybe?

I am happy it is done,
just need to buy summer flowers.

And now I can focus on decoration.

April 24, 2014

Garden - spring cleaning

I am having a huge spring cleaning in my yard 
 - and just because I didn't much gardening last summer or fall.

Maybe I will remember this.

It doesn't look very neat, 
when spring flowers are heading up in the mess.

So I took a mission on Easter.

And thanks for a lovely weather, 
I even got a lot done.

I also found out, 
that there is a need for some new perennials by the driveway...
Well, I guess I'll settle to daisies
- there seems to be a lot of them in garden plot.

Fence around the playhouse is fixed and most of leaves are raked.

Cannot remember name of these,
but I think they are lovely:

The spring is taking huge steps:

Soon we are able to sneeze when pollen of birches are flying around.

April 23, 2014


Two days ago I read Christie Hill's from Satisfaction through Christ 
message about Merissa, from Little House Living,
her family and their situation:
They have started an adoption process and have been saving money for it.

But as life has its own thoughts, they didn't need to wait as usually 
- they suddenly got a message, 
that they would able to adopt a little boy right away!

As they had not prepared things would proceed so fast, 
they have a problem:
They have to get $12 000 during few days!

Christie had an idea, that we, who are bloggers, too, 
could spread the word -and that is what I am doing now!
As I use to read Little House Living,
I felt I could do a little part by myself 
and public this post in my blog:

Meet Merissa!

Just last week Merissa, of Little House Living,  shared that she and her husband were preparing for their first adoption fundraiser.  The blogging community quickly shared their need for donated items and hoped that many of you would come alongside of them in that effort.  But, to our surprise, Merissa announced on Sunday that they had just been chosen to be the parents of a healthy baby boy born on that same day (read the full story here)!  

Today the blogging community has the opportunity to come alongside of Merissa and her family as they adopt this precious baby boy into their family!

Merissa and her husband are traveling to pick up their new son on Wednesday, but that have not had time to fundraise.

They need $12,000 in 10 days.

$12,000 sounds like a lot doesn't it?

It is.

But, with each of use giving at least $10, it's really not that much!

Can you forego a cup of coffee or a fast food lunch this week in order to bring home a new life?

Not only that, would you share this with your friends?  Email it, Facebook it, Tweet it, Pin it, Stumble it, G+ it.  Whatever you can do.  And if you're a blogger that might be willing to blog about Merissa's story, please leave a comment below or email Christie and we'll forward you the details!  

Life is worth it.  Adoption is worth it.

Let's bring this baby boy home!!

April 22, 2014

Shiny week coming?

Easter is over and I hope next week will be shining, too!
But if it is not,
Then there is time to admire Cathy's harmonize and so sweet

Or find a new acquaintanceship
 with Anita in 

A Tipical Day has a Easter menu plan,
which surely can be used in other spring parties, too.
And the best part is,
that there is payed attention allergies, too!

Did you know, that JustByou has an Etsy-shop,
where you can find for example this:

Thank you all joining my Spring Party Season - hope to see you in next, too!

April 21, 2014

April 18, 2014

Spring Party Season - 3rd week

During last week Spring Party Season I found a valuable lesson:
read properly before start using service.

As I am not making any money with my blog,
I am not yet keen of paying for anything -yet.

I still want to keep up Spring Party Season Link Up parties,
at least few more weeks.

There is still Easter, 
1st of May and 
the-first-born-grandson's birthday party.
Not to mention The Very First Party of Little Princess!

So I looked for a new service. And will try it.

Party here is not very complicated - I hope!

Leave your link from the link below,
but, please, take care, that it is family friendly.
If you'll link up Etsy-shop or Giveaway,
it is fair to all visitors,
if they are world wide.
I hope you'll enjoy meeting old friend and make new ones.
Stop over and say hello to someone
- one, if you are shy, two or more if not!

And if you want to call your friends to join,
here is a button:

Let's have a PARTY!

April 17, 2014

Day like pancake

The electric company has made network improvement works two days.
So there has not been electric during afternoon and early evening.

My hubby wasn't very delighted to get salad for dinner.

My laundry hill has grown a mountain.

I found over half liter greasy milk, which was just going old.

So I made pancake:

3 eggs
3 tbs sugar
1 ts salt
about ½ liter milk
2 dl flour

Mix things and let it be half an hour.
Pour into pan and put in oven.
Bake  in good heat until brown.

Eat with jam.

No dinner, just desert.
But we have electric on.

April 16, 2014

Bunny is moving...

Bunny moved a bit closer to the table...
Maybe he will be on the dinner table on Easter?
Now he is taking care the rest of eggs:

These two guys I found from flea market -
and had to bring them home:

They dance when you touch them :-D

Today, when I was coming home,
my neighbor gave me an Easter present:

Isn't this hilarious?

April 15, 2014

Birthday-parties of the week - done

eldest daughter's and younger grand son's 
are done.

I guess I have been got bigger...

Today we had pirate plates

and cute little cream cakes

partly decorated by hero of the day.

Three year old kept himself busy, though,
driving his brand new bike
around the house


BTW, these bikes has no brakes...