April 26, 2014

Flower mobile

During planning our little princess' first party,
I have spent a lot of time in Pinterest collecting ideas.

Her mother request pastel colors as yellow  and green.
But you cannot avoid some pink...

Once I saw this,
I knew this is something I have to do:

couldn't find the original source, sorry!

Knowing my crafting skills...well, butterflies were too much.

I settled to flowers.

I made some training.
Roudari was helping me:

And I got a great advise from my hubby during I was agonizing, 
how to keep flowers in fishing line the way they won't all be down.

"Why don't you use buttons?" he asked.

And I did:

testing buttons

And they stayed nicely:

So I cut flowers.
And more flowers.
And sat onto sofa to do sewing:

On some I used pattern scissors:

I wasn't ready at once,
but I sure feel it was worth of it:

Flower lines are now hanging on lamp and waiting for use.
Some of them are just lines,
few is tied to ring I made of two old arch support:

I put pink ribbon around it:

These will come to the tent outdoors
- we will use Motorist's pit tent,
I hope the lines are long enough to look good:

I am so proud myself
- and it takes two weeks until I can use these.
Two weeks!

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