April 24, 2014

Garden - spring cleaning

I am having a huge spring cleaning in my yard 
 - and just because I didn't much gardening last summer or fall.

Maybe I will remember this.

It doesn't look very neat, 
when spring flowers are heading up in the mess.

So I took a mission on Easter.

And thanks for a lovely weather, 
I even got a lot done.

I also found out, 
that there is a need for some new perennials by the driveway...
Well, I guess I'll settle to daisies
- there seems to be a lot of them in garden plot.

Fence around the playhouse is fixed and most of leaves are raked.

Cannot remember name of these,
but I think they are lovely:

The spring is taking huge steps:

Soon we are able to sneeze when pollen of birches are flying around.


  1. I like it when spring comes. Lots of wild flowers are growing in the yards.These beautiful little flowers add charm to our dwelling place. How do you call these wild flowers? Wonderful explosion of colors it is indeed. Amazing spring-feeling here!

  2. Perhaps you mean crocus? Thanksfor stoppingby!