June 10, 2018

No rain

It have been weeks from last rain.
Almost six.
Nature is suffering.
My plants are suffering.

But: there isn't much damages made by Arianta arbustorum.
Blooming - even in my garden - is way ahead.

Last years I have been so happy (and proud, too) about my oriental poppies,
but this year it looks like I won't get any blooming ones.
Maybe next year.
But there is many others.
Like peonies in my back yard.
I have alredy cut some
and at least the ones in back yard will give me more
About the ones in front yard I am not sure
- it is so dry,
that even all the moss have turned brown.
Both, white rose and dog rose are in bloom, too.
Getting photos is harder right now:
I broke my camera.
And my phone is not good for photo shooting.
Not to mention the light.
It is bright and harch and makes everything white in camera.
Even late in nights.
When the warmth came already in May,
it is hard to believe,
that there is still two weeks until Midsummer.
Well, something is in normal schelude: 
I have bought only few summer flowers yet.
I should do weeding.
But these are so jolly with bright yellow color.
Somehow I am living in the idea,
that it soon will be time for berries.
Even though I also realize,
that  there won't be much rasberries or wild blueberries
 -  atleast not here in south,
if this dryness will go on.

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