August 28, 2014

Cable protection

My hubby came home last week with this:

Even though I am not great fan of this particular model of cable protection 
tubing, I was pleased.
Yes, we have a lot of mess with cables.

August 27, 2014

New shower cabin -finally!

We have been searching new shower cabin almost a year.
We needed a squared one -
and with a reasonable price.
We didn't want any specialties,
but even without any luxury,
prices were close to 2500 €.
No. Way.
Shower cabin for corner was 1/5 part of that,
so there wasn't any reason to spent so much.
But then we came across Netrauta.
And we found the one-
basic shower cabin 800*800.

August 24, 2014

Sewing pinny dress

Pinny dress for a child should be one of the easiest sewing project.
Professionals makes them ready in no time.
Well, I am not a professional
- not even a great sewer.
But I had decided to sew (few!) dresses to Little Princess,
and I though,
that during the flu would be great time for start.
Just because it isn't physically heavy...

August 22, 2014

A bowl full of apples

I am having a flu.
So I am using it as excuse not to do any hard work.
I have been able to walk 
- just a bit -
around the garden.
Even though it has to admit,
that fall is right to next corner,
there is still some life.
Like rose:

August 21, 2014

Apple puree and soup

We will have a lot of apples.
I guess I have note that earlier already.
But we will.
Although they seems to be small.
I can bet, I am sick of them before I have got rid of them all...
So, after today's great start with breaking perfume
on to bathroom floor,
I started first round with apple puree.

August 19, 2014

Apple pie

This wasn't best morning I have had.
It rained.

Roudari hasn't shown himself for two days.
I put Pepi out to terrace
and opened front door to take my rain boots.
Rokkari was coming in.

August 18, 2014

At Huhtimo Hill

Yesterday I managed to entice hubby to climb with me up to Huhtimo Hill.
Well, climbing is little overstatement,
as it need only walking to get up.

I rather have him with me,
terrain isn't easiest with lot of rocks and fallen trees.

August 17, 2014

New seats in toilets - yippee!

Our house isn't teenager anymore,
it is build in 1987,
and toilet seats are from last decade, too.
Not in best shape anymore,
and the one in bathroom caused great problems:
it was leaking.
It was leaking even though my hubby changed all the parts in water container.
And I was stressed.
Water isn't free,
and closing water every time after using toilet,was annoying. 
Not to mention, 
that it used to forgot a time a time
- which could be seen on our water bill.

August 15, 2014

Gooseberry jam

I have already eaten ALL yellow gooseberries
-and actually most of reds, too.
But there was few left,
and even though we are not great jam-eater,
I decided to do a tiny dose of gooseberry jam.

August 13, 2014

Re-arranging once done...

The fairy Godmother of skies was very whimsical today,
couldn't decide if it will shine or rain.
It shined and in the next minute someone turned faucets on.
And turned full vats down.
So I manage not to do anything.
Instead filling my day with some reasonable housework,
I re-arranged decor in living room.

August 11, 2014

Dried peppermint and foot bath salt

I left peppermint to dry almost two weeks ago,
and it is finally dry.

I put some leaves in jar as they were.
Peppermint steam is great for opening nose.
And easy to use, too:

Take a teacup,
put some leaves to the bottom
and add some hot water.
Then just breathe steam.

It is not nice to drink
and as it is very strong,
that could cause stomach problems.
And as other mints,
also peppermint can cause -
if drunk much -
extra heart beats.

The jar I used, was a little boring.
So I first add a ribbon.

Then I decided the cover would be nicer,
if it has something on.

So I put the lid on to piece of fabric

and draw the lines:

To cut big enough to cover edges,
I used the lid to make marks, too:

Made it whole lot easier to cut in right side,
when had these to follow:

Then I cut little triangles to make it fit better:

But sadly, because I had only paper glue,
it turned a disaster.

And had to use plan-B:

Piece of fabric under the lid,
and ribbon around.
Little piece of cardboard as a label,
and it was finally done:

For foot bath salt my ingredients are very simply.
Seasalt and peppermint.
And mortar:

And a lovely jar I have got from my daughter years ago:

I use to crush some peppermint and salt first:

Just because that way oils will spread in jar faster.

Then I put layers in jar.
Peppermint first:

Then some salt:

And crushed mint and salt between the layers.
They could mix right away,
but I like the look o layers.

Just ribbon and label on,
and refreshing foot bath salt is ready to use:

I have already peppermint-salt in hot water
and when it is cool enough,
I'll  embed my feet in it.

August 10, 2014

Holiday by the hearth

After burning myself badly few years ago during steaming juice,
I have taken at least part of my holidays
during the harvest season.
Just to make sure I am not too tired,
and too busy to be careless.

So I'll spend a lot of time in kitchen becoming weeks.
Not fancy, not special
- just ordinary kitchen work.
Like freezing carrots and peas.

August 8, 2014

Time flies...

Sometimes time just flies - even though nothing extremely special happens.

First time in my adult life I bought, really,bought blueberries.
It has been too hot to go to woods.
Not to mention, there hasn't been time to it.
But had enough time to make blueberry pie:

It has been Pepi that has taken my time.

August 3, 2014

Love it, love it, love it!

I just love my new camera!
Yep, have to shout it out loud!
I needed help from my daughter to get wi-fi working,
but what a difference with results!

At International Market

There was International Market in town next to us.
We visited there, too, like we did last year.
Something old, something new...
English porcelain...

August 1, 2014

Dried oregano

I use a lot of oregano in kitchen.
So I was almost overjoyed,
when I got a division of seedling from the lady next door few years ago.
And this particular one was part of her mother's plant.
So it has seen hard winters, hot and dry summers
all the possible weathers and survived.