August 21, 2014

Apple puree and soup

We will have a lot of apples.
I guess I have note that earlier already.
But we will.
Although they seems to be small.
I can bet, I am sick of them before I have got rid of them all...
So, after today's great start with breaking perfume
on to bathroom floor,
I started first round with apple puree.

After peeling and cutting almost 10 liters of apples

into steaming pot,
I let them steam soft about ½ hour.

Just some water in downer pot,
and apples in upper one.
After they were soft,
I put them through strainer:

Just to make sure,
there won't be any clumps.
Metallic would be better,
but I have only small one.

In no time I had soft puree,
without any sugar,
so they are going into freezer.

Just few small doses,
I use sugarless apple puree 
practically only in base of sauces.

Cooking puree like this
leaves under the pot light apple juice
- and often some puree, too:

So I used it as base of apple soup.
I had about 1 liter of liquid,
and added in there 1 ts cinnamon and 2 dl sugar.
Then I cut apples in pieces:

I peeled some,
some I left with shells.
Then pieces in to the pot and short boiling
- and when it has boiled few minutes
I added 2 tbs potato flour
(mixed in a bit of water).
Then just let it boil until "one bubble".

Making berry and fruit soups is a thing,
I like in kitchen
- because they are so easy and quick.
This apple soup is eaten with vanilla mousse:


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