August 15, 2014

Gooseberry jam

I have already eaten ALL yellow gooseberries
-and actually most of reds, too.
But there was few left,
and even though we are not great jam-eater,
I decided to do a tiny dose of gooseberry jam.

I have done once from yellow ones,
but I cannot recommend that
- it looked like frog spawn.
Mixing yellow with carrots makes nice orange jam, though.

After cleaning berries,
I put them with 6 tbl spoons of sugar
into bread maker.

3 tbl spoons of water and
2 ts apple pectin mixed with 1 tbl sugar.
Apple pectin will make jam thicker.

Short jam program on,
and no worries about burning or boiling over:

 During the time jam is boiling, 
there was time to pick up something from garden plot.
Even though my garden plot has turned disaster
- I blame the heat, but to be true,
I think it would be as full with weeds, 
no matter what kind of weather it had been..

But thanks to heat,
we have beans!

I picked up also some sorrel and mangold, onions
-and fresh oregano:

For sorrel soup, perhaps?

After jam was ready I put in boxes
- it will go to freezer.

Sour and sweet.
Great with ice cream.

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  1. Wow - I didn't know you could make jam in a bread maker!!! Thanks for sharing this - it looks really good! Thanks for linking up to my newbie party - hope to see you again this week!

    1. Thanks for the party! I hope I manage to join again even though this seems to be a very hectic week. I have done jam -as well porridge - in bread machine for years, I just love it, because it won't burn :)