January 31, 2016

What was for dinner?

In December I started to write down, 

what we had for dinner each day. 
I went on with that on January. 

I am hoping that I would be able to use  these lists, 
when I will make a meal plan in future.

January 30, 2016

Every penny is count

After depression of 90s', my hubby has been unemployed in winters.
When the ground freezes, his job is done.
And we don't know, if he'll go on in the spring -or if he does, when.
Firm he worked for, might have gone with the wind.
I should get used to it already.
But I really haven't.
Anxiety hides around the corner.
So I count pennies.

January 19, 2016

Anniversary and Valentine's

When it came time to take Christmas decor down,
I couldn't pack away all of it.
Maybe because I couldn't put up so much decor as I would like to
- just that the house would be safe to kittens.
So I left some,
but made few changes.

January 12, 2016

...and bathroom closets are done

All of them.
Not that there would be much work.
But I got rid off several pine cones,
which I have used in decoration.

January 10, 2016

Cleaning closet...organized?

Weather has been extremely cold last days.
After -25 to -30C today's -15 feels warm.
Weather have been perfect for cleaning freezer.
But I haven't done it.
I have been put few closets in order.

January 2, 2016

What if...? thoughs in time of wolf...

I have been sick.
Normal winter-flu turned into high-fewer-earinfection.
Weather cast had promised snow and frost from east.
So, when I woke up in pain in the time of wolf,
I started to think What if...?

As our main heating in the house is electric,
anykind of storm,
that could lead to power outage,
is a problem.
Not huge in normal situation,
because we have a possibility to heat the house with wood, too,
At the night,
when I woke up,
there was no fire wood in the house
- and I knew,
that there won't be anything ready to carry in, either.

And there comes What if...?
What if hubby gets sick before he have made fire wood again?
And What if wind and snow will cause power outage?
What am I able to do then?

I don't know how to use chain saw safely.
Not to mention,
that I probably wouldn't be able to start it, either.
I know, I am not able to pull off the lawn mower...
And I am not very good with hand saw.
Not to mention the axe.
Would I use kitchen knife to cut the wood?

I know, that our eldest son knows how to use chain saw,
but he lives several kilometers from here
-and snowstorm might cause roadblocks, too.
So that is not a real option.

Our closest store sells fire wood (on extreamly high price),
but it is 3,5 kilometers from here.
If the power is off from larger area,
they won't be selling anything.
If I would manage myself there.
I guess not.

Even though all of these were thoughs in the time of wolf,
in the morning I took my phone and started calling:
Idea was, that I would buy some ready-made fire wood.
Just in case.
But have anyone managed to reach anybody between Christmas and New Year?
I didn't.
So, until next week we just hope,
that hubby will stay in health
-and if needed, use all the blankets in the house.