April 18, 2014

Spring Party Season - 3rd week

During last week Spring Party Season I found a valuable lesson:
read properly before start using service.

As I am not making any money with my blog,
I am not yet keen of paying for anything -yet.

I still want to keep up Spring Party Season Link Up parties,
at least few more weeks.

There is still Easter, 
1st of May and 
the-first-born-grandson's birthday party.
Not to mention The Very First Party of Little Princess!

So I looked for a new service. And will try it.

Party here is not very complicated - I hope!

Leave your link from the link below,
but, please, take care, that it is family friendly.
If you'll link up Etsy-shop or Giveaway,
it is fair to all visitors,
if they are world wide.
I hope you'll enjoy meeting old friend and make new ones.
Stop over and say hello to someone
- one, if you are shy, two or more if not!

And if you want to call your friends to join,
here is a button:

Let's have a PARTY!


  1. I can understand not wanting to pay for a service when you blog is not making any money - I am in the very same situation... thank you for the party though and have a wonderful day....Cathy

    1. I am so glad you took a part!
      Paying on service there is also an other problem for me - I don't feel comfortable to use my credit card in web, and haven't learn't use PayPal....
      I guess my only chance is to find someone to build LinkUp-service over here :-D

  2. It is definitely not fun to pay for services when you're on budget. I completely understand! I will come back in a bit and link up. Thank you for hosting the party!

    1. Welcome back, this party will be open through Easter :-)
      I understand , that you have to pay about services, but I think, there shouldn't be advertising "FREE" , if it really isn't - or at least say it clear so dump like me understand it :-D.

  3. Have a great day! Thanks for hosting! :)

    1. Thank you for taking a part. Have a lovely weekend!

  4. When I first started blogging I only paid for the domain name. Once I started earning income I started investing in it more.

    1. Well, I guess there is no other way, if I want to do more parties in future.
      Have a nice weekend!