and Who am I?

Wondering who I am?
I am.

Sometimes I am a working wife.
Sometimes I am a mother of four.
Sometimes I am a grandmother.
Sometimes I am housekeeper.
Sometimes I am a cook.
Sometimes I am a gardener.
Sometimes I am all of this at the same time.
Or try to be.

I work for full time.
I am dreaming early retirement at the age of 58.
I am lucky it takes only 15 minutes to drive work.

I have four children.
They are all adult.
For me they are all just children.
I am lucky to have them all.

My elder daughter has three sons.
My elder son has a daughter.
I have been lucky to see grandsons birth.
One of them as a birthday present.

I do laundry.
I cook dinners.
I try to keep house in order.
Just because I like neat surround.

I love gardening.
But I hate snakes, 
who uses our garden as highway.

Red cottage and potato patch.
Old fashioned dream.
I am living it.
Sometimes stumbling.
Sometimes fluently.

I am the biker's mother
Motoristin Mutsi.
There are my fears.