This is Halkis

We moved to Halkis on the 1st of September 2000.
It was kind of hazard: we hadn't had any special thought to buy a house, 
we were looking for summer house.
But somehow it felt like home right away.
So we moved in. 
Between two towns, in the middle of fields,
in the middle of no-where on South Finland.

Three of our children lived then at home, 
the first-born had  started on her own just few moths earlier.

House isn't big, 
just kitchen, living-room, three small bedrooms and 1 and ½ baths.
And it was pink.
Unbelievable pink. 
Thankfully not anymore.

All the doors in the kitchen cup-boards were so bad shaped, 
that I took them - all of them - off in the same evening we were in.
We lived without doors for 9 months - 
and believe me, my cupboards haven't been so clean and order ever since they were then!

One day when I came home from work, 
I had a surprise: hubby had made doors to cup-boards. 
They were bought from recycling center and painted blue, 
which was my favorite color at the time:

tails had been painted earlier - I couldn't stand the bright yellow on them

Few years later we made bigger renovation, the floor,counters and cupboards were changed.
A bit in a hurry - it was ready on 23rd of December.

House isn't big, 
but we have also an old cottage on the plot, typical 50's house with two rooms and kitchen. 
No bath. At all. 
Used as study and storage. 
And sometimes as a summer house, where specially I use to escape.

Then there is Sauna - a small cottage with sauna and bath, kitchen and two tiny rooms. 
And when I say tiny, I really mean tiny: whole sauna is just 32 square meters. 

But then there is garage: 
build for horses, modified later as garage. 
Almost 900 square fts of heaven for hubby and boys. I don't even have keys!

We have a deal: I don't mess up in garage and the men don't mess up in cottage. 
At the main house (doesn't it sound great!) hubby and I try to make compromises.

Halkis has a garden. Garden where mostly blooms dandelions. 
Year after year I try to grow vegetables. And flowers.
And year after year they are ruined by arbustorums.
Voles takes care of the rest.

But I still try.
And sometimes I have success:

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