June 2, 2018

Conservation area Lemmenlaakso

On Thursday night we finally managed to get ourselves to Lemmenlaakso.
It lies quite close to us,
and we have talked often,
that we should go there.
Until now it has only been talk.
Lemmenlaakso is conservation area around Keravanjoki banks.
This two hours were different for us:
usually we just go into nature,
but this time we had a guide. 
And a planned route.
There are pathways around,
 and during this time of year
- actually between 1st of April until 15th of July -
it is not allowed to step aside paths.
Not to mention that West side of river.
Paths were not covered,
they were just a route,
where people had walked alot.
In some spots stairs were made by nature itself:
with roots.
High difference around is quite big.
Over the centuries river has carved out banks piece by piece.
In many places there were warnings not to go too near edge.
We walked also under the trees.
Which reached up high to the sky.
close to the banks.
Fallen trees in the river have a task:
they are nursery for  juvenile fish covering them from pedatory fish.
Grove has early blooming flowers,
like wood anemones,
which had alreydy gone,
liverwort and even yellow woodland anemones.
At the time we were there,
I managed to see others,
a bit later ones, like addersmeats...
Solomon's seal...
Lily of the valleys...
 dwarf honeysuckle...
and dog's mercury, which I wouldn't been noticed,
if our guide wouldn't show it.
It doesn't look fancy,
is quite rare and has blue root,
when dried.
Poison false lily of the valley is in turn very common.
Blooming is very restrained with most of plants,
spring vetch was the only colorful one. 
We didn't see animals-
except ants.
Heard the birds.
And kind of peace.
I might go back.


  1. Aivan uusi paikka minulle, täytyy käydä joskus paikan päällä kurkkaamassa :)

    1. Ainakin se länsipuoli, jossa kuljettiin, on aika hyvin polutettu, yksi kohta oli haastavampi, jos on liikuntarajoitteita, tosin pienemmän lapsen kanssa onnistunee ihan nostamalla ohi. Rattailla en lähtisi kuitenkaan. Emme käyneet nuotiopaikalla, mutta eteläpäässä sinne varmastikin ehtii reilusti alle tunnissa matkalla vaikka alvariinsa pysähdellen. Ja syksyllä on sienestäminenkin ja marjastaminen sallittua-siis myös poluilta poikkeaminen, mikä näin keväällä ei ole sallittua eläinten pesemisen vuoksi

  2. Pesimisen, ei pesemisen 😂😂😂