May 27, 2018

Awesome days

Weather has been really warm lately,
and it has caused accelerated growth in my garden.
Flip side of it is drought.
I am not complaining
- after last summer this is so much lovelier.

Blooming of apple trees is almost over,

but lilacs have already started.

The is just heady...
Even though apple is loosing greatest blooming,
Malus toringo var. sargentii starts.
With it's scent it brings me back to childhood summernights.
Blooming rowan means there won't be damages made by Argyresthia conjugella in apples.
And these Caragana arborescenses are filled with yellow flowers...
No matter if you look up or down, 
there is early blooming everywhere.
...early Cow parsley...
Usually blooming around midsummer,
but now in a hurry before growing high stalk.
First geraniums...
and bergenias...
A little dilapidated siberian clematis
-one of my favorites...
During next days we will enjoy the rain.
Not water but pedals of apple blossoms...
Four weeks more of this hard and bright light.
I am sleeping with black eye mask.
Doesn't help much.
I will be zombie before Midsummer for sure.

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