May 7, 2018

Ordinary landscape

I don't need to walk long,
to see very typical landscape.
Around here we have a lot of fields
 - and thickets.
I don't know how else narrate those mixed forests around here. 
Tangle, perhaps?
But when I slosh around,
I try to find something else.

Years and years ago a lady from nextdoor show me a place filled with liverwort

and wood anemones.
Quite close to us.
For some reason I haven't returned there after that before yesterday.
I painted it, though.
Either I didn't remember,
where the place was
- or forestry measures has destroyed it.
But I saw something else.
Paradise plants.
Smaller and bigger.
Huge spruces.
and junipers.
Some wood anemones,
Even though Unspotted lungwort is common,
I am not sure if I have seen it ever.
And the most huge anthill.
Glad it isn't at my garden.

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