May 6, 2018

Evening by Rapids of Nukari

There is something intriguing with water.
When it stays still,
it calms you down.
And when it cascases with it's all force,
it also scares - and enchants.
By the rapids in spring it is easy to believe in the spirit of water.
And how it lures you to join in.
I, however, stayed on banks.

Visiting Nukarinkoski rapids was a great way to spent Saturday evening.

Nukarinkoski rapids is part of Vantaanjoki 
- and biggest part of rapids in the whole river.
Almost 2000 meters long and 25 meters slope.
Flow of the river was forceful.
It really surged over the rocks,
making vortexes and looking like it was trying to change its direction backwards.
It made few smaller offshoots...
and came back together for bigger watercourse.
It meander...
an made small deceptive backwaters.
Over the rapid there are few wooden bridges
which we overcrossed.
Just a little scary
- even though bridges were in good shape.
What if you slip? 
Right now it is overflowing, for sure.
There is dam.
Under it the noise of  the rapid was so loud,
you needed to shout,
if wanted to be heard.

And ruins.
Have it been a place for dam guard?
Moss-covered stones and boulders.
All around.
And then.
First I thought there was a bottle cap.
I bent over it to pick it up.
It wasn't a trash.
A mushroom.
Shaped like a bowl.
And bright red inside.
I have now idea,
what it is called.
There was three of them,
one tiny, this one and one bigger under a branch.
Wood-rotting fungi is my best guess.
When we were down in basin,
we managed to see,
how hot air balloon tried to get up.
It looked like it was sprouting from the ground.
Surroundings charm was also made by trees.
Fallen trees around.
Some bending over the rapids

We left at the time the sun was almost landed down.
At upper reaches the river was looking calm.
How diversionary it can be.
Really calm it was by the Tuusulanjärvi,
where we stopped on the way home.
A lonely duck was quacking.
No wind, no waves.
No roaring water.
Just still and quiet.

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