August 12, 2015

Holiday with berries?

Pekka Jylhä: Ilmestys
12 days.
It has been 12 days from my last note in here.
I have come out from woods,
but started with berries in the garden.
I am having my last summer holiday week.
My week started on racetrack.
Of course.
All my holidays are planned around races.
Last weekend was in Iisalmi.
No fancy hotel like we had last year.
This time we slept in camper, Motobiili.
What can I say? 
Surrounding was pit stop. 
 I entertainded myself looking for flowers.
And there was plenty of them.
Like heather.
I lost my hairband and used twist-ties to keep my hair back.
I am not sure,
what I feel about travelling in Motobiili.
I slept well.
I would decorate it differently,
if it would be mine.
 If I would have one,
where would I travel with it?
By the lakes or bonds?
I don't think so.
I guess it is enough for me to camp in racetracks.
 I feel like I have seen enough Finnish landscape.
You'll find me from barberries,
if you need me.

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