March 1, 2014

No Strömsö in here....

Strömsö is a place, where sun is always shining,
flowers are blooming and birds are singing.

Everything goes as planned,
DIY projects are always successful 
and everybody is happy and smiling all the time.

Well, Halkis is not alike Strömsö.
At least today.
At least for me.
Do I envy that wonderland?
Oh, yes!
At least today.

I bought this Knitting machine few days ago.
I found manual from internet.
And don't get it.
This is how far I can get:

First two rows.
Then, when I try to follow instruction, all the stitches drops out. 
What am I missing?

Then I got an idea: 
I want to have a curtain to the down part of kitchen window.
There has been a pair earlier, 
so I thought I could use the old ones - 
the ones I have crochet years ago.
Good idea, but I could find only one.

Finally I decided to do new ones. 
Not crochet ones.
I used two old sheets, 
cut a pieces and sew the upper edge.
Here they are:

I like the monogram:

I feel a bit better.

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