May 2, 2014

What does a man need for his happiness?

When our family start growing,
we needed a bigger car.
We couldn't then afford European or Japanese big cars,
so we bought an American.

I loved our Dart.
My hubby changed V-8 in it 
and after that I never needed to worry am I fast enough ;-)

Years went by and children didn't need they special seats anymore,
and slowly we moved back to "normal" cars again.
But first we bought Mercury.

During the years Mercury was driven only in summers.
And during last two summers it has been in garage.

Today he finally took it out.

First start needed some extra help:

Gas straight into carburetor:

It is out and ready to mot test:

Mercury Monterey Convertible 1964
I have a happy hubby.
Even though there came a thunderstorm with hail:

Little boys have to wait their first drive:

This car is younger than I am,
should I be jealous?

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