January 3, 2015

Curtain crisis and organizating decors

I have taken Christmas down.
Almost all the lights.

Some are still left, though.
Just couldn't let go yet.

I collected flowers,
which are not totally dead
and put them on the table.
Then I realized,
I don't have curtains,
that would be a little thicker than golden ones,
but would have gray and gold.
Room looks very plain.
And nothing was found from Flea Markets.
And when I looked for at least something to replace desolation,
I had to admit,
that system I made to decor closets last year,
doesn't work.
It was all messed up.
So I took everything out.
And put them back in.
Now fake flowers are all down
- no matter what color they are,
candle stick in one place,
random things in the other...
I really hope this would be solution.
Otherwise I might have to get rid of something...
Out is windy and wet.
The moon is behind the clouds.

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