January 19, 2015

Corner closet

Cornet closet.
Continuous headache.
I have put it in order tens and tens times.
And it is always a huge mess.
Like this.

OR this:
When we made renovation in to kitchen,
I planned first system like this in bhg.com:
But it was so expensive,
I decided to wait for awhile,
to see, if I really want it.
Well, now I have waited years...
Truth is,
that when I don't know,
where to put a thing in my hand,
I put it into corner closet.
But it is quite good place for big things like cake stands,
which needs to be,
but uses rarely.
But during the year it becomes crowded...
I need a place to juice empty juice bottles
- they will be needed next fall again.
And I sure on't be buying all new ones every year.
So they were put back.
And front of them are already empty freezing boxes.
And on the Ikea self few baking pans.

Hubby has made half self in back
(it has been there from the very beginning
- even though it cannot be really seen in before photos),
and back there are cake stands and other big things:
Extra baking papers and freezing bags, folios etc are in magazine file.
Now I am able to see,
what is in there.
Trays are standing right to bottles
- I wasn't able to take a photo.
And yes,
I took out some things,
which I haven't used for few years.
I hope this will work.
I believe it stays all in order.
If it organized on the way,
which is suitable for me.


  1. No niin!
    Kulmakaapin karmea salaisuus paljastui mutta nytpä ovat kamat taas järjestyksessä ja siitä isot pisteet. Se vaan on noiden kaappien ja laatikoiden kanssa sellainen juttu että ne menevät jostain kumman syystä sekaisin ihan itsekseen; ei tarvita kuin vajaa vuosi niin järjetön kaaos vallitsee kaapissa :D
    Tai näin asia on ainakin omalta kohdaltani, mä olen jopa heittänyt vaatteita menemään sen takia että saisin vaatekaappini pysymään jonkinlaisessa järjestyksessä :)

  2. Voi, jospa joskus pääsisi siihen pisteeseen, että vaatteita vain hukataan tilanpuutteen vuoksi - minulla kun syy yleensä on se, että kutistuvat siellä kaapissa :-)