January 25, 2015

Living room curtain

Last spring I saw drapes in jotex.fi.
They were expensive
- price was more than I was willing to pay.
I knew I wouldn't need them before the fall.
So I pinned them and decided to wait.
That was a mistake.

As I knew I wouldn't hang them before fall,
I also was hoping they might become on sale.
Well, they didn't.
They disappeared.
Only dark brown was sold in autumn.
And it is dark enough during the fall and winter,
so dark drapes are sure not needed.
I was mad at me
- even though they were a little expensive,
I wouldn't got bankruptcy by buying them.

But in spring catalog they were again.
And I wasn't waiting a moment,
just made an order right away.
And there they are,
on living room window:

And on dining room window, too:

They will go through the spring and next fall
- there might be a brake during the summer.
But I can mix them with light yellow, green, brown...
I have spent more than one moment just staring at them:
Yes, golden ones from Christmas are hanging there, too.


  1. Minen verhoista tiedä muuta kuin sen ripustamisen ja niiden penteleen nippelien kanssa taistelemisen - se kun on mun hommani saada verhot killumaan (koska eukolla on niin huonot jalat).

    On se semmosta taistelua että on suoranainen ihme ettei multa katkee verisuoni päästä ;D

    1. Siinä(kin) olet aivan oikeassa: ne pienet nipsut ovat todella pirullisia! Meillä on nipsuja käytössä jonkin verran ja kyllä niiden kanssa meinaa hermo mennä rauhallisemmaltakin asentajalta.

  2. Very pretty. You have an interesting way of formatting the writing on your blog. :D

    1. Oh boy, the text has slipped to the right in accident :-DDDD But I do center it, because I usually write short sentences - and have not so much words, either.

  3. They are lovely! I sometimes wait too long too and hope for a sale.

    1. I hope these ones will become long-time favorites as they were a little expensive- like the ones in my kitchen: I saw fabric in showcase and were watching them behind the glass over and over again - and once the fabric had gone. Gladly they had just changed showcase and I got my fabric - and now those drapes have been hanging in my kitchen window almost 20 years :-D