December 15, 2014

Our Christmas time traditions

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Next Christmas will be 35th in our life together, 
with my Hubby and I.
After engagement we spent Christmas at my home,
with my family and relatives,
in the way, my family spent it.
When my Hubby and I got married,
and our first Christmas together was waiting for around the corner,
my Hubby asked:
"Are we going to spend Christmas?"

That question was easy to answer:
"Of course we are,
we have a child and Christmas is celebration for children."
But truly it wasn't that simple.
My family expect,
that we would spend Christmas with them.
My Hubby's family expected,
that we would be at their's.
So for years we spent our Christmas time
driving around families and relatives.
Even though we managed to persuaded my family over our home for Christmas eve,
they expected us to spend Christmas day over my mother's 
- and second Christmas day at my aunt's.

Eventually I was so tired to all running around,
sometimes even risking our lives in snowstorms,
that I told to everyone,
I have got enough.
During Christmas time there is one of the most momentous day for me
- winter solstice.
So we started to build our own Christmas time.
And the way we spend it.
With our rules.
In the way that suits also for my religion.
That we were hoping not to stress our children in future,
when they are having families of their own.

We try to get house cleaned before winter solstice
- and get tree up then.
Decoration the tree is " a duty" of kids, 
then we spend night together
-sometimes with festive dinner or at least with festive coffee table.
During the days before Christmas we visit my mother,
nowadays she spends Christmas with my brother.
My in-laws have passed away,
and so has my aunt.
We also drop gifts for those,
who are not joining us on Christmas eve.
All our children know, that they are not forced to join.

On Christmas eve we have Christmas dinner.
All the family, relatives and friends are welcome to join us.
As well as random walker.
Youngest man peals potatoes.
Others are cutting vegetables, cooking peas and carrots.
Dinner will be served, whenever ham is ready.
One thing is always missing our Christmas table:
No beer, no wine.
As seen through the years in society, 
what kind of harm alcohol can bring on,
we have simply agreement of that.
There is plenty of time for adults to have a drink around the year;
this is the time,
that any child should not see unsafe adult around.
At least at our home.

After dinner we drive to cemetery to light the candles,
remembering those who are not with us anymore.
When we come back,
we usually find out,
that pixies has visited and left gifts under the tree.
In our house visits Santa's helpers; Pixy Bustling and Pixy Duffer.
Duffer uses to make some mess-up with gifts...
Rest of the evening is resting, playing board games
or just eating chocolate.
Or all of it.

And Christmas day.
No hurry.
Dinner served, when Hubby gets hungry.
On the second Christmas day it is time to visit my mother,
if weather is safe.

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  1. Family traditions are wonderful. It's nice that you have established your own. I hope you have a happy holiday season!

    1. Hope you'll have happy holiday season, too! I really wait becoming days - five days off work in a row and no hurry to anywhere.

  2. I know what you mean about running hither and yon trying to visit all your relatives for Christmas. It's impossible! So nice that you compromised and started your own family traditions!

    1. To be honest, it wasn't easy so many people has used to spend Christmas time in same way for decades...And I have swore I won't wait my children ever do the same: tote their kids around and get no peace and rest in this hectic world...

  3. This year my 83 yr old mother told my 3 siblings and me that she would not be hosting at her house anymore. Although I understand, it saddened me and I am struggling with the reality of it all even as I write this.

    1. Oh, that is sad. Maybe you could gather over your's or some of your siblings home, so it wouldn't feel so bad? Your mother with you, of course.

  4. Hyvää ja Onnellista Joulua Mutsi!
    (Okei, saattoi kuulostaa oudolta mutta....mä sä tiedät!) :D