December 26, 2014

Sunny Christmas

Christmas Day dawned with sun.
It was cold. 
We ended up to drive to Hietaniemi
- to light up candles on my father's grave.
It is a family grave,
and there lies also my two uncles and aunt.
Usually my mother has brought candles over there,
but this year she has not been able to do it.
And was sorry about it.
It was nice to us, too,
when we drove to visit her and were able to tell her,
that "candles are taken care of".
Somehow we managed to spend whole day with these two things,
and ended up eat quick by the kitchen table late in the evening.
Today, on Boxing Day, it has been sunny, too.
Hubby found few old Christmas lights 
and hanged stars on the front side of the house.
He also wrapped lights on the one of the thujas:
I like it a lot
-specially, because I can see it form kitchen window.
Grandchildren came over,
and I set simple table.
I wanted to use my new plates.
Dinner was everything,
that was left Christmas dinner.
Ham is practically eaten.
It felt little weird to light up candles,
when sun was still shining.
But it set down before we managed to sit down.

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