December 8, 2014

Christmas home tour 2014

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This year I wanted my Christmas be a little brown, a little white and a little gold.
This is how it seems to be....
I started already in October, for Kekri.
The mice were still mostly in their baskets...

They have now scurried around...
Not in hallway,
there is only Pink Panther
- with some garland around the mirror...
...few butterflies...
and hyacinth...

Guestroom doesn't have mice either.
Wicker cones has some ribbon around
and by the window there are little white birds I fell in love with last year:

In our bedroom. No mice.
Just few crafted Christmas balls on windowsill:
In kitchen? No way!
Few wired baskets with ribbon around and a golden candle.
And on the window some garland, ice, snowballs and stars.
Mice are around the living room.
They sneaks on the tv-stand:

They are on the dresser by the window in dinette...

and in the set up I made earlier
and in the back corner 
- jumping on the candelabra...

They have their food with them.
Some acorns

They seem not stay still...
but maybe they will stay out from Christmas table...

I know the other bloggers have set wonderful tables, 
decorated mantels, and...but check by yourself:


  1. Sä olet loihtinut upeat koristeet!

    1. Kiitos, Paimen! Pitää koristelulla korvata kokkauksen puutteet :-D

  2. How sweet is your decor. I love the animal critters.

    1. Thank you, Vanessa! Somehow those little have infiltrated in our house - and my heart - and I miss them, when they aren't around :-)

  3. So pretty, Eva. Love your little mice - they do scamper about. Cathy

    1. Thanks, Cathy! Well, they do have few weeks time to scamper around...

    2. Those mice are adorable! And I love all the lights, whites and golds!

    3. I think so, too - cannot resist them - and cannot understand I have lived years and years without them :-DDD

  4. Totally cute!! Those little mice are adorable!

    1. Thanks, Christine. This is second year they are jumping around.My grandson loves them, too.