December 25, 2014

Christmas Eve

It is Christmas Night.
Eve is spent and we all can rest next to our bellies.
We started preparations for dinner during forenoon
moving sofas and taking kitchen table into living room.
I spent most of the day in kitchen.
Ham was put in cottage oven already last night
and just needed to carry in in the morning.
But there was a lot other things to do.
I had help.
A lot.
Sweet E ironed table clothes.
And folded napkins with me.
First we try to do swans.
We gave up when Motorist came and made one in a blink
- and we had struggled with directions over the hour.
So we decided: flowers would be enough.

In the table I used my new plates I bought few weeks ago from Flea Market.
And with them two different salad plates
- just because I don't have enough same golden ones:

For the same reason I had to use two kind of glasses and cutlery.

Decor of table was simple.
Just some ribbon, balls, candles and glass angles
I finally managed to find golden candles.
I won't light them up until tomorrow.
Table was set for 12.
Both daughters helped in kitchen.
Motorist took care of potatoes.
Dinner was served a little later than usually.
I think we did well with flowers.
Dessert was simple:
coffee and mince pies.
Tomorrow dinner will be the same,
but table will be a little different.
And less crowded.


  1. Joo -o, näyttäis tuo teidän olohuone olevan isompi kuin tämä meidän koko korsumme jotta silleen... :D

  2. Se onkin suurin osa tästä talosta olohuoneessa, valehtelematta 2/3 osaa :-)