December 6, 2014

Prepairing Independence Day

Tomorrow is 97th Independence Day.
We will spent it alike so many previous Independence Days.
In the morning we will raise the flag.
I will set the table.
Using blue plates:
This year there will be flowers:
And of course two candles,
which will be lighten up in the evening
-and after dinner will be moved by the window.
Flag will be on the table, too
Will finish table tomorrow.

During the day
I will bake Christmas cookies.
My mother used to bake cookies on Independence Day
- and that is what I have done, too.
After twenty years I finally asked my mother,
why it is so - is there some traditional reason.
She looked at me and laughed:
"Independence Day was my only extra day off work, that is why!"

In the evening we will take candies with us
and set us comfortable on the couch
- and watch our President shaking hands with his 1800 guests
-as 2 million other Finns.

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