December 3, 2014

Christmas wreath and outdoor decor

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We bought new mailbox last year. 
It turned out a mistake.
Mail was wet and broke and the lock broke during first frost.
So I sudden found out,
I am having an extra mail box lolling around.
Hubby removed the hatch 
and I hanged it on old basketball hoop.
In the box I put some hay, pines, rose hips 
and one white ribbon.
And a candle.
Maybe I'll find an Elf to live there:

I finally got rid of summer flowers on wreath.
And add some ice instead.

Icy twigs I bought from flea market.
Snowflake and flowers are both old.
And the basic wreath is the same old one, too.

And when the lights are on,
it looks quite bright.

It is time to light up light outside
 - and let them shine through night.
The snow we got, is gone.

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  1. Gorgeous my friend! I am loving that wreath.....just gorgeous!!

    1. Thanks, Christine! I have been waiting for the time I can put the lights on -even though I dislike this darkness this time of year.

  2. Love, love, love your wreath and all your outside lights! Nice pictures, too. I can never get a good picture of our outside Christmas lights!

    1. We need a lot of light around this time of the year - and I would put more, if I could get electricity
      : not enough power points. The photos are flukes - my tablet handles darkness better than my camera!

  3. I love your decor. Anything would lights is great

    1. Thanks, Vanessa. Now, when that little snow has gone, it is so dark, that all the light is welcome.

  4. Very pretty Eva - I love your wreath - it definitely lights up the night. Cathy

  5. And it helps to find the front door, when getting home from work :-)

  6. Beautiful decorations.. Love how you used your mailbox or reused.

    1. Thanks. Have a nice time during waiting for holidays!

  7. Cleaver use of the broken mailbox!