June 8, 2015

In the middle of nowhere - in Kaanaa

Supermoto brings me to weird places.
And weird situations.
I sit in car hours staring typical Finnish landscape.
Woods. Lakes. More woods.
Maybe few cows - or even horses.
As I did last Saturday.
It was a race day.

So I crawled from bed before a cockcrow.
And spent few hours driving Northern direction,
- or actually my elder son was driving, I was a passenger - 
just to end up staring pit stop from a window of Motobiili.
Staring from window seems to be common denominator on these trips.
During the day someone used snack table as storage space...

It wasn't a waste of time and strength to carry home
 enough food to feed five men...
It was eaten fast.

Kaanaa was a different surrounding: 
no wild flowers around.
I only found one thistle,
and the poor one had dried brown.
During this trip I found out, 
that my elder son is a lot like his father:
why should stop, 
when it takes only few hours to the destination?
So I was able to catch views through car window...
On the way home we had to make a stop:
I had a headache all day through and needed more medicines,
First pharmacy, that was open on Saturday evening was in Hämeenlinna.
It gave me a chance to see something else 
than boring scene of woods and fields by the highway.
So I had a chance to have a quick look scenes in the city.
Like unknown church tower...
Old wooden houses...

Need to wonder, why I am feeling Estonia so home?
Unfortunately Kaanaa left heavy-hearted feeling.
Maybe because of rain.
Maybe because of my headache.
Likely because of accident in race track.
Our son is ok,
but there are parents who are worried their hearts out,
because of theirs'.


  1. Kaanaassa on tullut käytyä jokusen kerran ja viimeksi taisin olla katselemassa Kartaanikunkun kiihkeää meininkiä :)

    1. Piti ihan googlata, että mikä tuo kunkku oikein on. Rallicrossillehan tuo rata on rakennettu, joten sentään arvasin, että autoihin liittyy :-) Ymmärsin paikallisten puheista, että ovat aika aktiivisia nimenomaan tuon autoilun puolella. Vaikka kertoivat kyllä, että olivat jotkin prätkäkilpailutkin joskus 80-luvulla (tai aikaisemmin, tiedä häntä) järjestäneet, oikein sarjan, jossa palkintona oli 125cc crossi.