June 14, 2015

Saturday fun, Car Show

My hubby bought his first American car back in 1979,
when we were dating.
It was a dark red Plymouth Valiant.
Alike this one we saw yesterday in Car Show in Kerava.
Well, his one wasn't that shiny.

When drunken driver drove head-on collision with us,
the long front of  Plymouth and strong frame saved us:
we didn't hurt bad.

Valiant was the first, but not the last.
During the years  we have also been traveled around in Car Shows and events.
Nowadays very rarely, we have passed even legendary Pick-Nick in Forssa.

American cars are not rare anymore.
But many of them stays in garages during the winters.
As ours does.
Actually ours stays in garage often through summers, too.
It is not an exhibition car,
as none of our American have been.

I have warm memories about Dodge Dart SE 1973.
which I used several years throughout the year,
when children were small.
After us it was used as racing car few years ;-)
Hubby replaced the original motor and gearbox with 383 V8 and 727 gearbox.
I loved it.

Yesterday we visited in car show in Kerava.
It was part of event Sherwood Tribute.
It wasn't a big show like FHRA's American Car show,
but nice, local show with "ordinary" fanciers.
Cars were coming and going,
some of them just stopped for short time,
some of them stayed longer.

Few cars caught my eye.
Like this Buick with its beautiful color:

and this one with cheerful coloring:
As a person,
that has often problems to find own car from parking place,
I appreciate things that makes it easier.
I have jumped in to cars of strangers,
and never couldn't find our small, black car from parking place
until hubby painted car wheels bright red...

This one was a surprise,
just because I have never seen a car like this:
It had many funny details,
and I took a lot of photos about it,
they are in Facebook.
Other, very funny vehicle, was seen front of the ice cream shop.
Where traditional way of child braking was used...
Even though it was "a project",
it had stereo playing suitable music-
old rock'n'roll.
Back in old days even Opel Kadett showed in it's speedometer possibility up to 140 km/h,
but is there really someone out there,
that has ever had a chance to do it?

This one was kind of neat,
maybe because it's license plate restates it's model.

My relationship with American cars is more like "possibility for daily use",
than anything else.
I am used to see those cars,
so they doesn't necessarily make such impress for me.
 But I must admit,
that real sound of V8.
There is something in it...


  1. Uskomattoman komeita kiesejä mutta onpa niihin sitten mennyt muutama tuhat tuntiakin. Omistautumista ja pitkäjänteisyyttä joille on pakko nostaa lakkia.

    1. Jos viimeisen päällä laitettuja autoja haluaa nähdä, niin kannattaa suunnistaa Pietarsaaren suuntaan: sieltä löytyy todellakin asialleen omistautuneita harrastajia. Ne alkaa olla mun mielestä jo turhankin hienoja - niin hienoja, ettei niillä sitten enää voi kuvitellakaan käyvänsä normaalilla kauppareissulla kersojen kanssa :-)

  2. I cannot agree with you more I love old classic american cars and the sound of that V8 engine is something I cannot get over. It really reminds me of my childhood as these cars were driven around town when I was a young boy. Love the blog and the work you have put in. Keep up the great work.

    Stan @ Jim O'Neal Ford

    1. Thank You, Stan, about your nice words and visiting my blog! Over here spring is way too early to hear V8 yet, but I guess we are able to hear that sound in a month again. There has been few motorcyckles on the roads already :-)