June 27, 2015

Where is The Summer?

It is almost the end of June.
It is still chilly.
When I walk around the garden in the evenings,
I need quilted jacket.
But blooming is going on.

Hesperis matronalis has started.
Now, when it is so cold,
the smell of it is a little mild.
But it glows in the twilight.
This small flowered rose is blooming.
I don't know if it is wild rose-
or just a dog rose,
where has been processed one,
that has already gone.
When it is opening,
buds looks like a crown.
and the flower is like a star

When sun comes out in late night,
it doesn't warm much.
So many plants are a little frail.
Even though they bloom.
Thalictrum aquilegiifolium haven't been my favorite,
but I like it more and more every year.
I must confess,
I want to complain. 
About rain. About cold. About wind.
To where can I send a claim?
I would love to wander and sit in the garden,
smell the summer.
Now I make just quick rounds.
And hardly notice little plants that reaches the light.
and the beauty of moss growing on the rocks.

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