June 4, 2015

Not so great result

As I planned,
I defrosted freezers.
I have two of them,
so I am able to do it also in summertime.

I carried everything, that was left in the one in sauna,
upstairs to kitchen.
And made steam juice from berries.

Defrosted and cleaned it,
and yesterday carried everything from kitchen freezer down to sauna.
I have seen worst than mine,
but there was enough frost to annoy me.
Not to mention,
that there is always few runaway berries rolling around.
Freezer melted quick,
and in no-time I could put power on.
Day was windy,
so I was a little worried,
if there will be blackouts.
There wasn't.
The warning light didn't went off.
And temperature wouldn't get down enough.
This is the third freezer in our kitchen:
first one broke just when it was a time to freeze strawberries.
It just started to get warmer and warmer.
That was a real disaster
- I didn't had my other freezer yet.
I rushed in to store as the way I was:
my dress spotted with paint and berry stains,
no socks, wearing slippers,
hair covered with old scarf.
I must say, the salesman kept up appearances quite well...
The one I bought managed into next summer.
We got new one after weeks of waiting by warranty.
My hubby, who happens to love ice cream,
was very angry for waiting time,
and he one day stepped into store to ask how long it would take to get a new one.
Next day I heard from an acquaintance,
that she a had weird guy front of her in line of store:
the man told that he would come and complain everyday in worst rush hours
if the freezer won't come the very same day
- and his lack of ice cream will stop...
For some reason the freezer came in late afternoon.

I decided to bake an apple pie.
And forgot to grease the pan.
So it is stuck into bottom.
For the pleasure of the evening I had piles of dishes.

449 €.
That is the cost of doing housework.
I am as annoyed as the wind that was blowing yesterday.
Can I quit?

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