June 15, 2015

Welcome home!

Our door representative has been in mess.
I bet it will be soon mess again,
but I used a part of the only warm and sunny day for ages 

to make it look a little more neat.

I moved the little dog closer the door.
It has been guarding several years already.
Rokkari was guarding my work.
Table and chairs.
Painted few times during the years.
Some flowers.
like Vicia Cracca...
and Lady's Mantles...
We moved table and benhces away from middle of thujas  
As can be seen:
the mail box is still empty after winter.
But bikes are all now hidden.
Maybe they will be parked instead of leaving all over.
And I won't stumble on them all the time.
A little bit nicer view,
when coming home.
Next time,
when weather will be something else than freezing,
I'll embed these summer flowers.
Summer solstice will be in a flash.


  1. I love the way you organize your home and garden. And what a nice guard for outside, a special dog:) I will also do the same for my outer home safety. your garden is really so beautiful like a paradise.

    1. Thank you! This little dog is still doing his job :)