June 19, 2015

Midsummer week

Midsummer week was cold. Windy. Rainy.
There was short, shiny moments,
but it felt that wind won't never stop blowing.
I haven't been so happy,
when I come home from work and see first this:
We do have key hanger
and a box that tells "LITTLE THINGS"
and we do have a stand for coats.
Of course it can be hard to figure,
where to put carpet knife...
I need anger management therapy.
I managed to plant few of petunias,
before my fingers freezed.
The owl is still ashamed.
Maybe because the box is so dirty,
but in these freezing temperatures I just am not able to play with water outside.
Less than a week ago I carved out front yard,
and this was what I found now from the table corner:
I covered it.
With this.
My self-portrait?

When I look at this photo
- taken through back door window -
it is hard to believe,
that weather has been as it has been.
Mountain cornflowers have spread all over and are blooming.
They might enjoy these chilly days.
I love the smell of them.
And even these windy days and evenings their candy smell is all over,
when most smells are blown away by the wind.

Last year I tried to grow parsnips.
I got three.
Now I can find them from front yard the most weird places.
Like in gap of wooden tile. 
Or next to wall.
In a place where is practically no soil.
I couldn't be more happy about this three days weekend.
Hope this ball called Earth will be back on track again after it.
I might try few spells on Sunday.
And maybe I will be able to put quilted jacket away.

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