June 30, 2015

I'm singing in the rain....or not.

Sunday was shiny,
Right now I can hear thunder raging.
We really don't suffer lack of rain this summer.

Wild violas were blooming on Sunday in Helsinki,

when we visited my mother.
She turned 85 yesterday.
These ones smells so unbelievable good.
I guess they need salty winds and hard rocks to grow
- I have seen them on islands around Helsinki, too.
Not growing here in inner land.
But I have irises in bloom.
I have brought these from Estonia
- and have no idea about their species.
Knautia has opened first flowers.
Lysimachia punctata has grown really well
and is slowly starting blooming
Garden plot looks more like a flower plot than a place for vegetables...
But I really don't mind,
because this used to be a pea.
Recognize an eaten bean?
Not much harvest to wait for,
when only few sprout and they are all eaten.
So flowers are fine.
I really cannot recommend fabric that should be covered with substance,
that should keep arianta arbustorums away.
At least it doesn't work in here.
Few years ago I sowed some seeds.
Cannot remember, what.
Well, they looks funny with long whisks.
I guess I need to find out,
what it is.
And what is this bush,
that blooms with white flowers front of cottage.
Flowers are so beautiful with sensitive beauty.
I am waiting for sun,
just because to get sweet strawberries.
This one wasn't.
At all.

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