December 27, 2014

Saturday, Flea Market shopping

I was shopping in Flea Markets today.
And boy, it turned expensive trip.
First I found six more tea cups for set my Hubby brought to me from Soviet Union in 80's.
I had six cups earlier,
but now I am able to set table for whole family!

Then I found cup stand I have been hoping to find for a long time.
And next cork-based plates I will use as trivets.
They are table plates, 
but because they are from 70's,
they aren't spotless...

And spoons.Tea spoons.12.
Stainless steel.
Looks like Musla, but have no idea, if they really are.
Not to mention,
that I really didn't need any more tea spoons...
But this was something that really was needed:

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