September 2, 2014

Weekend in Tabasalu

We spent weekend in Tabasalu, Estonia.
Left early on Saturday morning.
Maybe it was too early for us,
as we had spent a minute and an other in port
- just to find out we really are in wrong check in -line...

Weather wasn't very warm,
but not windy either.
So it was great to be on the deck and look views around.
Like Pihlajasaari,
an island we used to spent most of our summers during my childhood.

Passing island to open sea.
Just great to breathe salted air...

He hadn't payed ticket, had he?

I was told this balloon could be rented...

Our room in hotel was on 11th floor
and from window could see open sky...
let's not still, I hadn't much chance to stare at it.

And as "normal" race trip,
there wasn't much time to see any sights.
But I managed to do some shopping.
Some small things for bathroom.
And I really had a problem to choose outfit for little princess
-there were so many sweet choices.

On race track hubby bought a t-shirt...

But I got Hermunen t-shirt
-with signature.

Of course wear it rest of the day...

I think in hotel they had neat solution to avoid 13th floor: 
jewel suites!

On Sunday we did a small stop on the way to see races.
I saw a sign Lucca-park,
and thought it might be a park.
Well, it wasn't.
It was residential with incredible houses.
Like this:

Slate slopes were amazing.

And there were blooms in race track:

Trees were protected with tires:

On the way back to port,
the only possibility to look around was car windows...

Oh, the is a church!

Sunset was nice,

but wind was cold and hard,
so no romantic moments on the deck.
This is weird
- all my holidays includes races.
But at least we had decent accommodation.

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