September 23, 2014

Autumnal equinox

Today has been really cold.
Wind. Rain.Wind. 
I had planned to do some apples in oven,
but it was so cold,
that I couldn't spent time out looking for beautiful apples.
I just took first ones,
that were closest to house 
and run back in.
And so kids had something different on their plates.

I made "almost oven apples".

And vanilla cream.

I cut apples in pieces.
Mixed some brown sugar and cinnamon with them.
Added pieces in muffin mold,
put a little bit of butter on each
-and baked in oven with low heat for 30 mins.

Vanilla cream was simple, too.
Of course, it is me cooking!
2 tb spoon of vanilla sugar in in light cream.

Winter is coming fast.
Little boys will start hockey again tomorrow.

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