September 16, 2014

Pinny-dress from old table cloth

I was so happy, 
that I managed to sew the first pinny-dress for little princess,
I made an other.
I have saved an old table cloth that has a bad stain,
and now I used part of it.
So I took pattern 
and dry to fit them as nice as possible.

After making one I supposed,
next one would be easy-peasy,
without any troubles.
Well. It didn't go so fluently.
First I run out of yarn.
I had a new roll,
that wasn't a problem.

The problem was, 
that I couldn't find the start!
I struggled with it over half an hour,
before giving up and taking an other one.
1-0 to reel!

After sewing zigzag all over,
I turned first cuffs and neck-line.

And after that shoulders.

Then I cut the needle:

It is always sooo nice to get almost heart attack 
-and search little pieces of needle around...
Of course first needle I changed,
had so small needle eye,
I couldn't get the yarn through...

But then side seams:

Front of dress:

I tested few different pieces of lace on neck-line
- on hem it was ready
because table cloth was edged with narrow lace.

Finally I choose narrow lace on neck-line, too:

The fabric is linen,
so my daughter-in-law might - just might- 
thank me warmly,
when she will iron it...

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  1. Very nice work! Thanks for linking up at #SustainableSundays!

  2. This is so sweet! You're my featured post for this week's Sustainable Sundays! :)

    1. Thank you!I really am not much of sewer, but sometimes I manage to do something right :)