September 9, 2014

Deluxe life and pit kitchen in Iisalmi

During the weekend was finals of 
Supermoto Finnish Championship.
There is enough kilometers (or miles) 
to drive up to Iisalmi,
so we left on Saturday.
Hubby and I spent some deluxe time in Hotel Artos.

Morning started with great, silent breakfast in huge parlour:

And because hotel lies next to church park,
I had uncommon chance to see something else
than just race track.

Like church...

...and church park...

Youth house...

...and could admire other beautiful, wooden buildings...

After breakfast we left 
- of course -
to race track.
Where was my deluxe pit kitchen waiting:

With a breakfast nook:

It was just great.
There was a table out, too,

but I could make sandwiches in,
as well as lunch.
I loved it.
No worries of wind or sand.
Pit menu board was in use, too:

Thank you, boys, for renting this wagon:

And yes, I have told to hubby,
we need to buy a motorhome.

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