September 21, 2014

Fall market in Hyrylä

We seem to visit different markets and fairs quite often.
Even though they are all near by,
they all are a little different to each other.
Hyrylä is one of centers of Tuusula,
and we have lived there few years.
Our elder son was born on day,
when Tuusula was spending 340 years party.
The actual moment he came to this world,
there were orchestra performing at the market place.
So maybe it is because of that,
there seems to be different atmosphere than elsewhere...

On the market there is always so much to look at.

Here are some...baskets...

...beautiful knitting works...

...baskets for fruits, made from wood and could store flatten...

A little bit of international
- from Estonia...

...from Italy...

...and France...
(don't we have onions growing in here?)
Between wandering around and making some shopping,
we had a break with crepes:

 And no, I didn't buy any apples,
thank you very much,
but I made few shopping.

...oat bread...

and two giant rolls of paper towel.
Not ordinary one,
this is thicker,
but still paper,
made by cellulose fiber:

It is for my fabulous future pit kitchen,
which I have been cleaning
and making ready for next Supermoto season.
It is not ready yet,
but soon it will!

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