September 28, 2014


I have an apple elbow.
I think it is official called epicondylitis lateralis humeri. 
But because I know it is caused by apples,
I call it apple elbow.

It is nice to have apples of our own,
but I have a huge problem with them.
It is simple. 
There is way too much of them.

I have done pies.

I have done puree.
With and without sugar.
Fine and rough.

I have done jam.
A lot.
Even though we hardly eat jam.
I have freezed it.
And canned it.
Even though I feel making canned jam as hard work.
Not making jam,
but all that work to get jars sterilized.

First wash, naturally.
Then heating in the oven.. .

and boiling lids.

And after jam is done
- the easiest part:
put the pieces of apples and some sugar in the pot

and let it boil with low heat.

Then cans back to oven for 20 min.

And after that just find out,
that some of lids have popped out.

Heat them once again.

Even though I have used (and given away) as much apples as possible,
I am not done yet.
Not even near.
Steamed juice next, perhaps?

I guess my elbow won't heal for a while.

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