July 21, 2014

Cherry liqueur and Mini-Cherries

Our older cherry-tree go bugs few years ago,
and died.
It was sad,
because it bloomed nice,
and was beautiful,
when it was full of cherries.
Not for us, though:
if I wasn't fast enough,
thrushes ate them all...


sometimes I was wake early enough 
and got my sherries.
And turned them to liqueur.
I cannot remember where I have found this recipe,
but this is very easy and gives strong and tasty liqueur:

Put a jar almost 3/4 full of cherries
and add sugar as much that they all are covered.
Then add on strong alcohol (white rum is great for this)
until jar is full.
Let it stay in fridge as long as cherries and sugar are all melted.
If you are not patient,
jar can be shaken few times very gentle.
This takes at least six months.

After all sherries have melted,
liqueur is ready to put in bottles.
If it is kept in cool,
it will stay fine for years.

Old tree left behind few babies 
and they have been growing quite fast.
I saw few blooms in spring
and today I found these:

Itsy-bitsy cherries!
And there were more:

We have cherries!
Thrushes haven't eaten them.
Here they are
- all eleven:

I guess I won't be making any liqueur this year...

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