July 12, 2014

Day off

I had one day of my summer holidays on Friday.

Mine or someone else's?

Not just fun:
I had dentist appointment.
Driving over there I has situation,
I didn't been ever before.
Over-wide transportation coming towards.

I really had no idea,
what I should do.
Finally I drove to sidewalk.
And watched three huts passing by.

Even was more pleasant.
We had special guest.
Pepi is a Bulgarian,
rescued there two years ago:

Friendly, happy person,
who loves my hubby profusely.

Both girls came over, too,
so we had a surprise-girls-night.
We took photos outside:

And inside:

We made raspberry paws:

And tried to take a photo like in baking blogs:

The best photos are taken by my younger daughter.

Late night we spent by the fire:

munching, talking, laughing...

... gazing full moon:

Pepi was guarding us.

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